About me

I am a Colombian behavioural ecologist and eco-physiologist.

Being raised in the countryside of Bogotá (the capital city of Colombia), I became fascinated by nature's mysteries. Since then, I decided to study biological sciences and especially, animal behaviour.

I am interested in why animals behave in the way they do, but particularly, how they deal (and will deal) with environmental and social challenges. My research has been mostly on amphibians and reptiles because I have a special fascination with these groups.

I am an R software enthusiast, principally for statistical and graphical purposes. 

Currently, I am a postdoctoral associate at Macquarie Univerity. In November 2020, I completed my PhD at the Lizard Lab supervised by Martin Whiting (Macquarie University) and Jonathan Webb (University of Technology Sydney).


In 2013, I obtained my BSc (Biology and Microbiology) from the University of Los Andes (Colombia). Then, in 2016, I finished my MSc under the supervision of Adolfo Amézquita at the same University.